EV Charger Installation in Central OK & North TX

Investing in an electric car helps save the environment while also saving you money, and installing a home electric car charging station is the way to maximize your energy efficiency and cost savings. You won’t have to pay for public charging stations or worry about whether there’s one on your daily routes, and when you charge your car at night during off-peak times, electricity is cheaper. At Hunter Super Techs, our experienced electricians install multiple types of home electric car charging stations for fast, reliable charging.
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What Are EV Chargers?

An electric car charging station is a device that takes electricity from an electrical grid or outlet and sends it to an electric vehicle.

How Do EV Chargers Work?

An electric vehicle charger has a dedicated circuit that requires the right amount of power needed to charge an electric car, SUV, or truck. EV chargers need their own breaker for safety reasons.

Types of EV Chargers We Install

The most common system of EV home charging is a Level 2 charging station, and the wiring for this system often consists of a ground wire, a common wire, and a pair of hot wires. A Level 2 charger can be plugged into a 240-volt electrical panel or hardwired to an electrical panel. We handle the installation of all three types of EV chargers: Level 1: Level 1 chargers simply plug into a regular 120-volt wall outlet. They take 10-16 hours to charge your vehicle completely. Level 2: Level 2 charging stations use 240 volts, which cuts charging time in half. To provide this amount of voltage, a double-pole circuit breaker is attached to two 120-volt buses using a four-strand cable to double the circuit voltage. A professional electrician should install Level 2 chargers using a dedicated circuit, proper insulation, and securing outdoor cables to prevent damage. Level 3: Level 3 charging stations are primarily used in commercial and industrial settings, and they require specialized equipment and expertise to install.

Benefits of Installing an Electric Car Charging Station

Home EV charging stations help you get the most out of your electric vehicle. Benefits include: Convenience: Public electric vehicle charging stations are not as common as gas stations, so you may need to plan your routes with their locations in mind, and there’s always the risk that they will be in use when you need them. You’ll always be fully charged and ready for the day with a home charging station. Efficiency: Home car chargers allow you to schedule charging times to maintain your battery according to the specifications of your vehicle model, helping extend battery life and mileage range. Cost savings: The upfront cost of a home electric car charging station will save you money in the long run by preventing you from having to pay for public EV charging. Charging overnight, especially during off-peak hours, helps you save energy and money.

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Turn to our team for electric car charging installation services in Ardmore, Edmon, Sherman, and surrounding areas. Our electricians provide safe and professional installation of 240-volt outlets, and we will evaluate the location and size of your electrical panel, existing circuits, and your garage layout to ensure your charging station is properly powered and located in the most convenient area of your garage.

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