Whole-Home Surge Protectors in Central OK & North TX

If you’re like most homeowners in Central Oklahoma or North Texas, you’ve got a house full of computers, high-definition TVs, and console systems. These are thousands of dollars of electrical devices that are exposed to power surges. A hard-wired, whole-home surge protector is the best way to protect these devices. Power surges don’t just happen during bad weather. They occur within a millisecond, and many power surges are caused when appliances cycle on and off. Power surges you’re not even aware of happening throughout your home all day long. As they continue to turn off and on, they are wearing down the electrical work in your home. It’s not always one big power surge that brings your electric down!
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3 Leading Causes of Power Surges in Central OK & North TX

  1. Tree Limbs - Tree limbs are one of the most common causes of power surges since they often fall on powerlines. When the power comes back, that is also a danger to your wiring.
  2. Restoration of Power - While most people think lightning strikes and inclement weather cause power surges, they don’t think of the moment the lights come back on after a blackout. A rush of electricity when power to your home is restored can also cause a surge.
  3. Bad or Faulty Wiring - If you live in an old home or if your house doesn’t have proper wiring, it can cause a power surge. You can meet with one of our electricians to learn if your installation needs to be repaired or updated.

How much do you stand to lose by failing to account for these power spikes? The average insurance claim for power surges is about $5k, but you should think about more than the hardware. Not only that, but all the digital information and photos could be lost in a surge. Those can be priceless to some.

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