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Whether you need a new sump pump repair, replacement, inspection, or installation Hunter Super Techs can handle all sump pump services in Central Oklahoma. We’ll fix your sump pump or install the most efficient sump pump for your home and ensure it is properly maintained to avoid clogs or motor failure.

We provide quality plumbing services for central Oklahoma, including Ada, Ardmore, Durant, Edmond, Lindsay, Pauls Valley, and the surrounding areas. When you need sump pump replacement, maintenance, or repairs, you’ll appreciate the expertise and professionalism of our team members.

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How Do Sump Pumps Work?

A key fixture to install in a damp and leaky basement is a sump pump. Sump pumps and ejector pumps help to remove unwanted water in basements and crawl spaces and pump out sewer from basements. This unwanted water includes storm runoff and wastewater from basement bathrooms or appliances.

Sump pumps work by pumping out unwanted water in these low areas of your house. Typically this is an underground location of your home that might accumulate unwanted water from rainfall. The sump pump sits in a sump pit. Water flows to the sump pit and the sump pump triggers on and sucks up the water and disperses it via a sump pump hose that goes away from your home or in some areas into a sewer drain, if allowed in your area.

Ejector pumps are a necessary part of basement bathrooms. An ejector pump works by using force to transport water from basement showers, bathtubs, toilets, sinks, and appliances that use water like a washing machine. Basements are below ground, thus this type of plumbing doesn’t work like other rooms of your house because gravity can’t help the waste water to go where it needs to go. An ejector pump forces this waste water up to the main sewer line.

Common Problems of Failing Sump Pumps

How do you know when you require sump pump service? Call an expert if you notice any of the following signs from your sump pump.

Sump Pump Running Continuously

Your sump pump should only run long enough to remove water from your basement and then shut off. If it runs continuously, you likely have a problem with your pump and may need a more powerful one. A sump pump specialist will factor in pipe diameter, reservoir dimensions, water volume, and more to determine what pump strength you need.

Strange Noises

Your sump pump should run quietly with a soft hum, so call a professional immediately if you hear any strange noises. Common concerning noises you’ll hear include grinding, gurgling, bubbling, or a loud banging. These indicate problems ranging from a motor issue to the water hammer effect.

Irregular Stopping and Starting

If your sump pump starts and stops when it shouldn’t, you might have air in your system, a malfunctioning or dirty valve, or drip leakage. Effectively repairing sump pumps requires an accurate diagnosis, so you should never attempt doing it yourself.


You probably notice minor vibrations in your sump pump, but if they become excessive and resemble an off-balance washing machine or ceiling fan, you’ll need repairs. Excessive vibrations indicate an unbalanced impeller, which the sump pump uses to pull water into the device. Ignoring this problem could lead to more severe and expensive issues.

Visible Rust

Because it handles high volumes of water, every sump pump has a small chance of developing rust. The most common causes include battery corrosion or bacteria, which feed off the iron in your water. The longer you leave the rust, the worse it becomes, so call us if you notice even a trace of it.

Electrical Issues

Your sump pump can develop various electrical problems, such as a loose wire or blown fuse. This can occur for several reasons but usually happens when a blockage in the discharge line forces the motor to work harder, short-circuiting the electrical system.

Sump Pump Repair in Ardmore, OK

Ardmore Sump Pump Repair Experts

Sump pumps and ejector pumps components over time can wear out due to the amount of use they get and normal wear and tear. Our expert sump pump technicians can inspect and repair sump pumps and ejector pumps in the Ardmore area. If your sump pump or ejector pump is not running properly or not keeping up with the removal of water, give us a call. We can inspect your pump and fix any repairs that need to be made. We can also determine if the needs of your home have changed, thus requiring a larger sump pump or ejector pump and can set a time for installation

Ardmore Sump Pump Installation

Building a basement in Ardmore or the surrounding area? Having issues with unwanted water accumulating in your basement or crawlspace? It might be time to seek expert advice on installing a sump pump or ejector pump.

The technicians at Hunter Super Techs are trained and experienced in sump pump installation. We are the trusted service technicians in Ardmore and the surrounding area. Give us a call and set up an appointment for sump pump installation. Our technicians can come to your home and assess what options are best for you. They have the proper equipment to get your sump pump or ejector pump installed and help keep your basement or crawl space dry.

There are factors to consider when determining the right sump pump for your installation.

  • Sump pumps can either be submersible or pedestal style.
  • A technician can help you determine which style suits your needs.
  • Sump pumps typically are hard-wired utilizing your home’s electrical system.
  • Certain sump pump models have a backup battery. The reason for this is when the power goes out in your home such as during a storm. This isn’t the time you want your sump pump to not function, thus the battery kicks in until power is restored.
  • Another model of sump pumps is powered with water-pressure. This also functions if your home loses power.

Professional Sump Pump Repair and Inspection

You should expect your device to need sump pump repair at some point, even if you care for it adequately. However, scheduling annual sump pump inspections and maintenance greatly reduces the frequency and severity of repairs.

If you notice the signs of a faulty sump pump, you might feel tempted to save some money by repairing it yourself. However, you should always hire plumbing services for your sump pump because it is a complex and expensive machine. Hiring a professional saves money in the long run because you can count on their expertise to avoid more serious issues and keep your pump running efficiently.

During repairs, the technician will determine whether your sump pump is sufficient to meet your needs. If you installed the wrong size, it may need more frequent repairs and break down sooner than it should. In this case, replacing your sump pump might be an economically beneficial solution.

Sump Pump FAQs

What Is the Lifespan of a Sump Pump?

The lifespan of a sump pump averages 10 years. Remember that your level of commitment to sump pump maintenance can extend or reduce how long your device lasts. If your sump pump has reached its 10th birthday, you should start saving for a new one and stay vigilant for the signs it needs replacing.

Can Heavy Rain Overwhelm a Sump Pump?

Heavy rain can overwhelm your sump pump, especially if you don’t have the right size for your home. Heavy rains can force a sump pump into overdrive, placing a high amount of stress on your system. If this happens often, consider upgrading to a more powerful model or installing multiple devices to better combat the effect of heavy storms.

How Do I Know If My Sump Pump Needs To Be Replaced?

You’ll know your sump pump needs replacing if you notice any of the above signs, such as strange sounds, excessive vibrations, or constant running. The nature and severity of the issues determine whether you need repairs or replacement. Furthermore, if your pump shows any of these signs and is nearing the end of its life expectancy, you’ll find replacement a better investment than repairs.

Let Plumbing Experts Repair Your Central Oklahoma Sump Pump

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