Ready to Reduce Laundry Costs and Gain Cleaner Clothes?
Our Laundry Pro System by Aerus Eliminates the Need for Detergents!
Our Laundry Pro system is a revolutionary, no-detergent laundry system that works with your existing washing machine to deliver powerful, all-natural cleaning. Modeled after ActivePure technology used on the International Space Station, this Space-certified technology is available for home use for our Oklahoma and Texas neighbors! This environmentally friendly, maintenance free laundry solution cuts costs by eliminating the need for detergents while delivering softer clothes for your family.
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Laundry Pro Features
Works with existing appliances
Uses oxygen & peroxide cleaning power
Space-certified technology
No maintenance required
No detergents required
Powerful stain, dirt, and odor removal
Laundry Pro Advantages
Easy to use
Eliminates the need for irritating detergents
Cuts laundry costs
Environmentally friendly
No appliance upgrades needed
Softer clothes, towels, and linens
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Try This All Natural Solution
The Laundry Pro by Aerus connects to your home’s existing washing machine using standard hoses. The system requires no detergents – instead, the natural cleaning powers of oxygen, peroxide, and other bubbling gases lift stains, dirt, and odors from your fabrics! This all natural solution eliminates skin irritations caused by dyes and fragrances in detergents and is great for families with those who have sensitive skin. The Laundry Pro requires no maintenance from you, simply load laundry into the machine and turn it on, without adding detergent! You’ll save a bundle in detergent costs while gaining softer fabrics with natural cleaners utilized by the Laundry Pro.
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  • Quick response. Upfront pricing and no overtime fees. There communication from start to finish has been great. I have used them for plumbing, electrical, and hvac services in the last 6 months. I have been extremely satisfied every time.

    Deshon Orr Avatar
    Deshon Orr
  • James Clark was Awesome, he explained everything in detail, got me signed up for the monthly membership for plumbing that will save me money and has other great benefits, and he advised me on what I can do to prevent or prolong the damage my hard water does to hot water tank and appliances. This is the second time I’ve used them and I can honestly say I don’t plan on using anyone else!

    Misty Rockford Avatar
    Misty Rockford
  • We made a very wise decision 4 or 5 years ago by choosing Hunter as our heating/ air service company. We are monthly subscribers to their service plan. Never have we had any tech come to our home to do seasonal check ups who were not courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful of our property.

    This last job required experienced and professional techs who would not give up until the job was completed. It has been a pleasure having them in our home and we are pleased with their “never give up” attitude. Besides they gave our dog 🐶 hugs and accepted him as part of the job!

    MARY ANN Webb Avatar
    MARY ANN Webb
  • Mark V. and Jordan were nothing short of amazing! They went well above the call of duty today and blew me away with their compassion and dedication. A simple electrician call, turned out to be a shockingly refreshing customer service experience. I would like to add, that I am usually hard to impress. These employees are gold and I sure hope they are treated as such. Thank you so much!!!

    jessica grant Avatar
    jessica grant
  • Great service. Friendly techs. Hunter Heat & Air is all about customer service. They communicate well using email, texts, and phone calls. I appreciate them explaining everything they are going to do and giving me an exact price quote. Bonus: they swept and cleaned up before they left. I will definitely refer them to others.

    Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.
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