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Hunter Super Techs can help prepare your home for an emergency
Power outages in your home can be costly and can be life threatening if life saving appliances are not operable. We rely on electricity in our homes for comfort, food storage, entertainment and most importantly critical life support devices. When we lose power it can be a minor inconvenience for some but a major life crisis for others.Hunter Super Techs can help prepare your home by installing a whole home backup power generator.
Most power outages come at inconvenient times so having a backup generator to provide power to your home can be essential. By calling on Hunter Super Techs you can be certain you have a highly qualified electrician in your home working to provide a safe, functionall, and convenient environment for you and your family.
Our licensed electricians will take out the stress of electrical service by ensuring their work is done quickly, efficiently, and correctly.They are up to date on new products and can offer suggestions or guidance as to what might work best for your home. We offer honest, upfront pricing and guarantee our work.
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Experienced and licensed electricians
Latest products and technology
Clean and safe installation and repair
Helping assure a clean, comfortable environment
Stress free installation
Dependable warranties
Electricians knowledgeable about pricing to help with your budget
In home estimates at your convenience
Up front pricing
All types of payment are accepted, financing available
100 percent satisfaction guaranteed
Customer service is our number one priority
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Hunter Super Techs electricians can assist you to choose the right system
New residential lighting products and installations, as well as other home remodeling projects can overload your existing electrical panel can handle the demands of the project.
Our licensed electricians are able to install an automatic backup generator in your home and able to assist you in deciding which type will best meet your needs. No longer do you have to struggle to start a backup generator with a “pull cord”, our electricians will install it to your system to run on automatic standby. You can decide if you need your generator to supply power to the whole house or just essential items.You will need to consider what items you want to run with the generator:
How big is your home
What kind of fuel, natural gas or LP fuel
What essential appliances do you need to run
Do you want to run a septic pump or sump pump
In addition to installing a generator our electricians can repair it if necessary or offer maintenance to keep it running at its best. Hunter Super Techs works to keep your home safe,comfortable, and functioning at its best, even during power outages!
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  • James Clark was Awesome, he explained everything in detail, got me signed up for the monthly membership for plumbing that will save me money and has other great benefits, and he advised me on what I can do to prevent or prolong the damage my hard water does to hot water tank and appliances. This is the second time I’ve used them and I can honestly say I don’t plan on using anyone else!

    Misty Rockford Avatar
    Misty Rockford
  • We made a very wise decision 4 or 5 years ago by choosing Hunter as our heating/ air service company. We are monthly subscribers to their service plan. Never have we had any tech come to our home to do seasonal check ups who were not courteous, friendly, knowledgeable, and respectful of our property.

    This last job required experienced and professional techs who would not give up until the job was completed. It has been a pleasure having them in our home and we are pleased with their “never give up” attitude. Besides they gave our dog 🐶 hugs and accepted him as part of the job!

    MARY ANN Webb Avatar
    MARY ANN Webb
  • Mark V. and Jordan were nothing short of amazing! They went well above the call of duty today and blew me away with their compassion and dedication. A simple electrician call, turned out to be a shockingly refreshing customer service experience. I would like to add, that I am usually hard to impress. These employees are gold and I sure hope they are treated as such. Thank you so much!!!

    jessica grant Avatar
    jessica grant
  • Great service. Friendly techs. Hunter Heat & Air is all about customer service. They communicate well using email, texts, and phone calls. I appreciate them explaining everything they are going to do and giving me an exact price quote. Bonus: they swept and cleaned up before they left. I will definitely refer them to others.

    Brenda B. Avatar
    Brenda B.
  • I was very impressed with the knowledge Robert had...answered questions easily and he works fast repairing things. Courteous and mannerly actions made me feel very comfortable. I will certainly call them for my repair needs. Reasonable prices too!!!!

    Lawana V Avatar
    Lawana V
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